Who is Reggie "Rap" Unzel III?

Reginald “Rap” Unzel III, who also goes by the nickname of Reggie, is a nine year old aspiring rapper who exudes joy, positivity, and acceptance while sporting a super hightop fade. Rap is a unique and special young boy because of his intuitive emotional intelligence; being actively aware of how to productively express his range of feelings, while managing others emotions, as well as being knowledgable in how to practice self-care through his lyricism, poetry, and rhymes. It’s not until bullies in Rap’s new neighborhood that we see the nuances of such mental and emotional practices while extending ourselves validating grace when we are feeling negative and positive emotions.

(Pictured is Wesley Johnson as Rap Unzel, captured by Errich Petersen Photography)

Values & Education





Black Hair Care

Diversity & Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence

Mental Health & Self-Care

Music & Literary Appreciation

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Reggie Rap's Evolution

The Beginning

RAP UNZEL™ started off as a play. It premiered as a full workshop, stage production in February 2019 for Black History Month at the Austin Scottish Rite Theatre. For limited weekday performances, the Austin Independent School District bussed in students ranging from elementary to high school (~2000 students) during the month. An additional ~500 people gained admission for public weekend performances.

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The Growth

Word of Rap’s story, mission, and impact reached beyond Austin to New Orleans, LA. Jon Greene, co-artistic director of The Radical Buffoons, heard via word-of-mouth of the production’s values and success. So in December 2019, RAP UNZEL™ made his successful NOLA debut where approximately 500 elementary students and general public attendees resonated with the lessons and mission of Rap’s journey.

YouTube series

Reggie Rap's Room

RAP UNZEL™ will continue with live performances and events but now it is time to produce a YouTube series to further support and expand upon the mission & brand by producing 2 - 5 minute episodes that will cover stories & lessons about, but not limited to:

Black hair care

Emotional Intelligence/Authentic Relating games and exercises

Self-care practices

Appreciating different cultures & their traditions

#BlackBoyJoy, #BlackGirlMagic and #MelaninMagic

Non-binary identity & pronouns and

Different instruments, music theory & genres, etc…

So, tune in as the young aspiring rapper and musician, Reggie "Rap" Unzel III, explores different artistic self-care practices, teaches us more about his super power of emotional intelligence, how to take care of your beautiful Black hair and so much more! All the while reminding each of us about how unique and special we all are as we find our joy in this big emotional world!

Future & Beyond!

National Live Performance & Productions

More regional, and expanded midwest and east coast, performances and productions to come. Join Patreon to be the first to know!